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Day: 10 days (Mon-Friday each week) + 5 Day 5 Module BST Initial Course

Modules: GWO Blade Repair (BR) + BST 5 Module

Price: New Package Course deal £1999+VAT ( Normal £1850 + £850 = £2750+ vat)

Location: Glasgow

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Participants prerequisites

All personnel participating in the blade repair training module shall be medically fit and capable of fully
participating. Participants will be asked to complete a Medical Self Declaration on the first day of the course. Participants will require a WINDA ID if they do not already hold one. Info on registering can be found at:

Course syllabus

Upon successful completion of the GWO blade repair training course, the participants will be able to perform and
document a wind turbine blade inspection, and execute repair work in accordance with a work instruction while
maintaining the aerodynamic profile and structural integrity in glass fibre reinforced composite parts of a wind
turbine within the following dimensions:
(1) Laminate repairs including leading edge and trailing edge repairs affecting a maximum amount of 5
layers and a maximum repair area size of 500 cm²
(2) Core material replacement up to 200 cm²
(3) Surface repair to paint and gelcoat


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