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Day: 3 days

Modules: GWO Advanced Rescue Training (ART)

Price: £540 + VAT

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Delegates completing a GWO ART – Advanced Rescue Training combined course will be able to:
  • Safely access the hub, spinner, inside blade, nacelle, tower and basement section of a wind turbine to get to an injured person
  • Perform entry-type casualty rescue operations in a wind turbine generator
  • Correctly use industry standards rescue equipment and methods
  • Understand and demonstrate rescue techniques that exceed those of GWO Working at Height

Delegates will achieve:

  1. Hub, spinner and inside blade rescue (HSIBR)
  2. Nacelle, tower and basement rescue (NTBR)
  3. Single rescuer: hub, spinner and inside blade rescue (SR: HSIBR)
  4. Single rescuer: nacelle, tower and basement rescue (SR: NTBR)

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