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Scotland's Only Blade Repair Academy First Blade Repair Course 2022 2

GWT GWO Training Blade Repair Academy

Well done to all those who took part in Scotland only Global Wind Organisation (GWO) Blade Repair Training Academy. The delegates attended a 10 day course based at our main training centre in Glasgow Scotland. What a great achievement for GWO Training Scotland.


The aim of the GWO Blade Repair training module is to enable the participants to support and care for themselves and others working in the wind industry by possessing the necessary knowledge, skills and ability for blade repair.

What’s involved in GWO Training Scotland Blade Repair Course?

Upon successful completion of the GWO blade repair training course, the participants will be able to perform and document a wind turbine blade inspection, and execute repair work in accordance with a work instruction while maintaining the aerodynamic profile and structural integrity in glass fibre reinforced composite parts of a wind turbine within the following dimensions:

Laminate repairs including leading edge and trailing edge repairs affecting a maximum amount of 5 layers and a maximum repair area size of 500 cm²
Core material replacement up to 200 cm²
Surface repair to paint and gelcoat

The GWO blade repair training course is intended as an entry level course and the participants will not therefore be expected to perform repairs in major structural elements of blades like spars, spar caps and carbon fibre.

After having successfully completed the GWO Blade Repair training the participants will be able to:

Take responsibility for working safely with applicable chemicals, while utilising the applicable personal protective equipment in a controlled manner throughout all phases of blade inspection and repair work (Ability, intermediate level)
Explain typical types of blade construction, materials and the importance of surface finish relating to aerodynamic performance and efficiency (Knowledge, intermediate level)
Distinguish between and work safely in a controlled manner with epoxy, polyester, polyurethane, vinyl ester, methacrylate, reinforcement materials and solvents related to composite inspection and repair work (Skills, intermediate level)
Prepare, operate and maintain the correct tools and equipment, be it electrical or mechanical (Skills, intermediate level)
Take responsibility for safely performing and documenting laminate, sandwich panel and surface layer repairs in accordance with a work instruction in glass fibre reinforced composite parts (Ability, intermediate level)

Further course information: https://globalwindtechnology.com/gwo-blade-repair-glasgow-scotland-edinburgh/

Source: https://www.globalwindsafety.org/standards/blade-repair


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